Friday, 28 May 2010

Folksy Friday - *Foxes*

Everyone is our house is pretty much obsessed with the Fantastic Mr Fox film - we've just bought it on DVD. It really is fantastic - as you would expect!
Love Wes Anderson films anyway, but I think it's my favourite.

So, with that in mind - I've gone for a foxy theme this week. I was suprised how mnay fox related items there are on Folksy - and it was hard just picking six - but here are six of my favs.


  1. Really cute pics! I think the knitted fox is my fave but they're all great!

    Natalie x

  2. ive a bit of a soft spot for Blackoutwell, great illustration...but everything is gorgeous, great theme xx

  3. Hehe - great selection! Thank you for including Bernard!

  4. Lovely collection of fabulous foxes. Which one is Bernard - he sounds fun : )

  5. Bernard is the amigurumi pattern (middle left). I can crochet but just havn't got the patience for small scale - I wish I did cos he is adorable!

  6. Thanks for including my fox brooch. You've just reminded me that I bought Fantastic Mr Fox on DVD the other day too, must get around to watching it!

    Love all the other foxes, they're so cute :)